About Alan:


My name is Alan Leigh I am a physiotherapist of over 30 years experience in physiotherapy. I live and work in the glorious county of Shropshire near the pretty market town of Shrewsbury.

Like many people I arrived in Shropshire on route to somewhere else and just fell in love with the area (and met my wife and soul partner here). I have worked in many parts of the world but this is home.

I studied at Cardiff and subsequently completed and advanced diploma in Manipulative Therapy from Auckland New Zealand in 1992 and then on returning to the UK undertook & completed an MSc in Manipulative Therapy at Coventry University.

I am interested in treating a wide range of musculoskeletal problems, sports and activity related injuries, help people with PAIN in it’s various disguises, lower limb and feet bio mechanical problems …… AND am particularly interested in the language of medicine, suffering and HEALING – & how to help my clients understand what it is that ails them and how to HEAL !!

Why ALPs?? it fits with my website name (Alan Leigh Physiotherapist) Also I love the ALPs to walk and ski in.

I hope you find some of the blogs and information helpful – thank you for taking time to have a look.

Alan Leigh MCSP, MSc, HCPC

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