Twenty sixteen ….

I don’t know about you but 2015 was made up of a few significant lows but some good times to – personally anyway I am glad to see the back of it; but there I go wishing time away and the lows well they were always going happen and it all come down to missing someone important & regrets. Regrets – now there is a thing –  “I wished I had said  / done ….. OR why did I bother saying or doing that …”. If you’ve no regrets maybe you are living in a vacuum !

There are things I’d like to have done differently. But it is an opportunity to make 2016 better by learning from 2015. Some “stuff” just “was” & not changeable but now on reflection made me dig deep into my coping strategies – didn’t know had any !!

The main thing for me as far as my professional life goes made me realise just how weird & nonsensical our bodies are or feel to be. Making sense of our symptoms is impossible – we often ignore them or expand them. (See my previous blog on “stress biology” for some insight into this). What is clear is it takes a long time to wind down to “normal”.

Clearly the business of  coping whilst you have to find your own way/skills/strategies – doing it alone must be tough. Sharing how you feel with another soul is important. This is not “dumping on” – I know without a significant few in my life getting to where I am now would have been very difficult. Also as a health professional my patients have been good therapy for me (how lucky I am to have a career that allows me to care and be cared for all at the same time). Don’t suffer alone – your GP may need to be involved – to rule out concerns at the very least – perspective also is good.

SO .. twenty sixteen then, got some goals? something achievable; positive change of attitude? and LIVE fully.

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