Osteoarthritis & the knee:

Key messages: 

 ……for most people ( not all unfortunately) it is …..

  • It is an up and down journey – episodes, NOT just downhill destruction.
  • The episodes are about “repair & remodelling” : healing if you like ! “wear & repair ” rather than “wear and tear”
  • You can manage it BUT the self management is for LIFE not just for while it hurts or you are on “therapy”.
  • You have every reason to be positive: YES it is painful …..YES it makes life difficult. BUT being as active as you can, getting specific exercises AND advice form your GP and in particular from a PHYSIOTHERAPIST.
  • Medication can be very helpful, supports and insoles occasionally helpful to.
  • Will loosing weight and looking at my diet help ……..

          ……………YES it will, but getting a little fitter, more mobility in your knee and strengthening up the right muscles – these are more important.

  • the NHS has some very useful links, exercise sheets and videos.

  • look for an ESCAPE PAIN exercise group they are specifically for lower limb arthritis – there is probably a group in your area. Ask at your GP & local fitness centres.


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