STAY POSITIVE: Despite the Pain:

STAYING POSITIVE WITH PAIN: irrespective of the cause

Become a COPER

The information below will help you to become a Coper and
prevent unnecessary suffering. Follow these guidelines –

You really can help yourself!

Live life as normally as possible. This is much better than staying in bed.

• Keep up daily activities – they will not cause damage. Just avoid really heavy things.

• Try to stay fit – walking, cycling or swimming will exercise your back and should make you feel better. And continue even after your back
feels better.

• Start gradually and do a little more each day so you can see the progress you are making.

• Either stay at work or go back to work as soon as possible. If necessary, ask if you can get lighter duties for a week or two.

• Be patient. It is normal to get aches or twinges for a time. Don’t just rely on pain killers.

Stay positive and take control of the pain yourself – try not let the pain control you

• Don’t stay at home or give up doing things you enjoy.

• Don’t worry, It does not mean you are going to become an invalid.

All this is very easy to say –  & hard to put into practise – but POSSIBLE. Do not “SWING DOOR” your activity between doing lots on good days and “paying for it” and therefore under-doing it…….

good day bad day swing door

Find a level you can do even on bad days; whether this is home chores, some physical activity such as a walk or being sociable –


Find a level to start at – you are on a staircase back to normal, so one step at a time – make them small and doable

Congratulate yourself for every time you do keep going or go up the next step …

BUT DO NOT get down on yourself for any backward steps…… This is just a “snifter” of info there will be much more on this on future BLOGs to come.

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