Posture: a slightly different twist !

Posture is often viewed as being in the “right position”  – to stand or sit right. The body is built to MOVE and has the ability to do incredible things you just need to marvel at Olympic gymnasts.

In 30 something years I have seen people as close to “ideal” as it seems possible to get and people far from “ideal” & It seems that many of the aches, pains, back problems and strains that afflict anyone affect the ideal and not ideal similarly. Lets be clear IDEAL I don’t mean beautiful/handsome, clever, wealthy but physically aligned, muscle balanced and posturally “spot on”.

If, as it appears to me, that this is the case. then what has been the remedy? Well across the board for everyone the answer will include MOVEMENT with almost anything – just get moving; now there may well be other treatments but without movement the results are worse.

Why would you have joints as complex as they are particularly as those of the spine if movement wasn’t the key. The move to standing office spaces rather than sitting is an improvement as movement is more likely. But sitting is ok and even sitting “badly” is ok. providing it is not all you do. Sustained standing will hurt sooner or later. You can imagine the issues if your work has paid for an expensive chair and new desk etc “you dare not move!!

Similarly SYMMETRY is not normal either. Don’t get me wrong there are times when helping people to stand or sit or move in better posture or with improvements in symmetry is very relevant.

But saying “your posture is the problem” is right up there as a fob off with you’re the wrong weight for your height ……

POSTURE – I think is an ingredient in some peoples problems. Usually a small part and some sometimes irrelevant. MOVEMENT is the key … do you move at all? ….. enough?…..  do you use all ranges and directions enough?

“YOGA” type exercises and programmes are about this – correct classes should be able to deal with all shapes and abilities  – it should not be about tying you in knots, it does not have to be spiritual unless you want that to, it should be about BREATHING.

What do you think ? as always it is just my thoughts I hope you find it interesting! …. Regards Alan

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